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According to the CDC, on average since 2000, nearly 800,000 marriages end in divorce each year.  Some of those have ended spectacularly, at least in terms of settlements.  In part this is due to the fact that according to the APA “about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce, and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.”  But it is also because of complex rules pertaining to property distribution.  It is necessary to have a case strategy tailored to your needs, which is based on in-depth conversations with the client, legal research related to the case, available evidence and proof we want to present to the court. 

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"After numerous, awful experiences with 3 prior attorneys, I met Zachary through his previous partner, and he was absolutely AWESOME in finalizing my divorce. Zachary's dedication, knowledge of Marital law and laser-focus were instrumental in helping me attain a settlement and resolution much greater than I could have ever expected! With all the attorneys to choose from, finding a great one is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Quit searching, call Zachary! in addition to our business relationship for legal matters, Zachary and I have become great friends."
- Richard C.

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A woman meets with an attorney and says her husband is transferring assets out of their joint accounts and suspects he also is cheating on her.  She believes he is going to ask for a divorce.  The critical questions for the attorney run the gamut from the husband’s job and income (e.g., whether he owns the business, how he pays himself, who are the shareholders, how are expenses being paid, how are the dividends distributed) to the length of the marriage, number of children, how many homes they own and where those homes are located.  It may become quickly apparent that the attorney will need a business valuation expert, a real estate valuation expert, and a compensation expert.

When developing any case strategy, we anticipate what resources are required to support the facts and analyses that will win the case.  This includes expert testimony, relevant documents including other supporting evidence.

The end of any relationship is very difficult.

The process can be overwhelming, take your time, this is not a decision to be rushed. Before you consider the legal minefield many go through, contact our firm and we will strategically guide you, depending on the issues you are most concerned about at this stage.  Please note that we also offer a free strategy session on Long Island, New York.

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